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My mother is 90 and severely underweight. She will go to her new doctors dietitian but i would like extra/2nd opinion please. She has always been small but this last two years is much worse. Apart from that good healthy and walking.

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They should prescribe Ensure drinks, as these can help.

My father is getting on for 92.  He eats like a horse, and very healthily, yet for the last few years is steadily losing weight, despite reasonably good health.  It seems to be characteristic of that age although I think some very elderly people lose interest in eating, as may be the case with your mother.  His GP is aware but the general consensus is not to worry for the time being.

Thank you Caroline and Vaneska for your great replies, they were very helpful and are much appreciated. My mother does love good food and enjoys going to cafes and restaurants but she is still sooo tiny and seems more delicate. Of course, I want her healthier and around for next ten years at least! Best wishes to you both :)

Yup an ensure a day as a supplement would be great but maybe too much for her

My stepmum topped her mum up on sweets, which seemed to do the trick of keeping the weight on, which is always better although not the healthiest

My father is prone to over-indulgence on sweet things if left to his own devices, leading in the past to pre-diabetic blood sugar levels although things are fine now, so that is something I always keep an eye on.

Has she tried endulging in high fat foods? My dad was built like a barn door, but in his 80s he started losing bulk. He indulged in all the 'forbidden' foods. He also used to take Ensure, but his GP wouldn't prescribe it, they would only prescribe Complan powder. 



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