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Sad to see Disneys finally close down. It's a lovely old shop front and wondered if anyone knows who's going to move in and ruin it in true Harringay style?

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Richard, a Savers. More about Disneys here.

What is a Savers? …when it's at home!

Click on the word Savers in my previous post, it's a link to their website.

Or, in a phrase, it's a Superdrug competitor.

It’s the opposite of a competitor – it’s owned by the same company as Superdrug, so it’s the same thing really. It’s a downmarket Superdrug... so that shows what level the parent company thinks Green Lanes deserves!

Can we start a petition?

Ha! So true. The results of decades of uglification done to Green Lanes shop fronts and fascias is something to behold...

A Savers really???? How depressing. 

A little Waitrose would have been nice to lift up the quality of green lanes shopping. Savers is just doing the opposite

I agree. Savers is really depressing...I was hoping in a nice restaurant or organic shop...Why could we not have more interesting shops and restaurants, like in Crouch End/Stoke etc? less chains and more family run businesses.

Can we protest? ;-)

Not another Turkish restaurant please!!!

No, I agree. I would like a little variation. Maybe a real Italian restaurant...



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