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a few weeks back we started hearing a low level slowly pulsing hum, starting early morning, mainly gone by afternoon - don't notice it at night

have ruled out electricity and water, probably not neighbours

on googling i found this piece about the worldwide hum - https://www.thehum.info. is it possible i, not made?

the hum map has one entry on the ladder. we've submitted our info.

anyone else hear anything?

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Yes! Heard a lot last year, just started hearing again

A bit like the mysterious loud bangs heard across the borough some time ago.


I don't hear this, the only audio disturbance I get is vibration from a particular early morning freight train (south end of the Ladder).

Objective article on The Hum - Wikipedia here.

I have herd it for years

Mine comes from the School a short distance away

Advised it was School Boilers

Mine occurs in the middle of the night when all is quiet or occasionally in the day and at first I thought it was tinnitus. Its barely audible to my old ears, its high pitched, lasts for about 6-8 seconds and occurs at regular intervals of about 42 seconds going on for an hour or so.

When in my bedroom at the back of the house ,I  hear a constant low hum - I wondered if it might be coming from the Barking-Gospel Oak line which is very close behind my house. Ive learned mostly to ignore it but sometimes it bothers me.

Like Maggie, I first suspected tinnitus since I've been a martyr to that condition, 24/7 for decades. On further thought, however, I am convinced that Harringay, or at least HarringayOnLine has been taken over by what the Ancients from Pythagoras to Kepler (forget Aristotle who always dismissed anything he didn't think of first) recognised as mousiké sphairésis, musica universalis or, for Kepler, harmonices mundi. This music or harmonía of the spheres, being a mathematico-mystico-religious concept of heavenly bodies in harmony has never actually been heard until now. Copernicus and, later, Galileo tried to put their kybosh on this pythagorean harmony - surely reason enough to have burnt them both at the stake - but this week's Harringay breakthrough to universal perception of the 'murmuro globalis vel universalis' can hardly be ignored. Guinness Book of Records, or at least a pinta Guinness, beckons.  

I just hear cars idling outside our house at all hours and it drives me nuts. Just when I overcome inertia and start to get up to go talk to them, they drive away. Very frustrating! :)



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