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This is a very very long shot - and no direct Harringay link so apologies! 

My colleague Dennis is a former rough sleeper who now does amazing work supporting homeless people to access healthcare, and has just been awarded an MBE.  There is one worker who supported him when he was homeless who he feels really helped him to turn his life around. He'd love to be able to reconnect and share his newsHer name's Mary, she has an Irish background and she used to work for Thamesreach the homelessness charity in the early 2000's, but she got married and moved abroad.  Does she sound familiar to anyone? 

There's a link to Dennis' story here: http://groundswell.org.uk/2019/hhpa-caseworker-dennis-roger-receive... 

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Hi. I worked at Thames Reach until fairly recently but started in 2011 so not at this time. But I've contacted a former colleague - the name is Mary Doran, but they don't know anymore about her whereabouts now. I hope this helps and if I do hear anything more will let you know.
I met Dennis when I was at Thames Reach and he was volunteering there. Fantastic news that he has had this recognition, every congratulations to him, fully deserved.

Thank you Katy - we’ve actually found her, via the power of Twitter - she got in touch today! Dennis is thrilled 

That's great news!



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