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I found an object in the middle of our garden, about 50 feet from the nearest spot where anyone could have thrown it from the New River path. It was a fresh looking coconut with some little beans in its beard wrapped and knotted in a black cloth forming a kind of bag.
Does it mean anything to you? Is someone in love or trying to harm us? Perhaps it was dragged there by a fox from some other location or dropped while airborne!
Should we burn it on our next bonfire, chuck it in the rubbish, consult a guru, contact the Haringey department of silly walks or use the coconut in our next oriental meal?

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Very Odd. I'd conclude that it's manna from heaven, but can't help beyond that I'm afraid.

(I've attached a smaller version of the pic below so it's easier for people to download and lighter on our storage capacity)

I can imagine a fox moving it there (I used to get all sorts of stuff in my garden - small footballs, gardening gloves etc.). Not sure they are very good at knots though...
Yes foxes will play and play with all manner of things.

As to the object itself, may have been part of a religious ritual down by the river. According to this web page it may have been used as an offering as part of an Afro-Brazilian ritual.

This from the linked web page;

Day of the week: Thursday and Saturday.
Colors: turquoise blue and yellow gold.
Domains: river edges, waterfalls, water stream, forests, and woods.
Offerings: Corn with coconut, boiled corn with fradinho-type beans, ipetê, and coconut paste.

You will need to visit the web page to even begin to understand it.
Did you ever learn any more about this Dick?

I seem to recall finding some story on the Internet about superstitious practices under the general heading of Hoodoo and Mojo bags. I couldn't find a likely meaning however.
Take a picture and upload it attached to this post. That would be very helpful.
sorry i didn't realize you had already done this. sorry.



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