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1099  acres?

Deceptively spacious...

And multiple typos (ironic given Jam in the Jar's hoarding) and the StreetMap location is nowhere near JitJ. Wouldn't be my estate agent of choice.

What a pity. The very genuine scene that has developed around Jam in a Jar is, IMO, one of the best things to happen in Harringay since I moved here 12 years ago.

I'd be very sad to see it change. I've only ever been in for coffee mid-afternoon - never actually seen any live music - but it's always a pleasure.

Shame!!, I've never been so much cause I'm always busy but it was nice to have it there.

There's a lot I really like about Jam in a jar - great music whether live or recorded - friendly staff - nice atmosphere - but it's always struck me as slightly chaotic in some regards. From the start there seem to have been issues with stock levels - empty fridges, half the wine list and draught beer not being available, with staff going to but mixers, soft drinks etc from the nearest corner shop...I assumed it was some sort of cash flow issue in the beginning, but it seems to have continued along those lines. A real shame if it goes as it's a great little bar that could be even better with a few simple tweaks.

That's a real shame. Its become my favourite place to go where good music and a great crowd it guaranteed. Hopefully the new owners will maintain it's charm.
Looks like something is opening up next door as well, with the new smart black shop fronts . Anyone know what it will be?

Next door is going to be Beans & Barley organic supermarket:



Anyone know when it might be opening?

Was down there last night, excellent cuban music. Obviously spoke to the manager about this. The latest is that the current owner has decided NOT to sell after all & is staying put, which is obviously very good news. The excellent music continues!




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