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It is attitudes like this towards "Man's best friend" that make me think about getting a pet Tarantula that I take to cafes on Green Lanes.

Yes please, love nice furry arachnids, at least they don't spend ages licking out their arses before then licking a childs face or slurping their bacteria laden saliva over peoples hands as they are eating.

Ha ha ha, see my response to John D below. That bacteria is good for our immune systems, even if it does come from a dog's arse.

… and see my clarification below.

Depends if it gets into the blood stream via a little cut (like capnocytphaga canimorsus), or simply ingested (like toxocara)- I can quote so many gruesome medical stories if you like.

I love seeing Dogs in cafes and shops and there are way more dog unfriendly places than there are friendly ones. As long as they are on a lead and well behaved they only enhance them. Never seen one off a lead or bothersome though I have had numerous trips to cafes and restaurants ruined though by badly behaved children. give me a dog over a child any day, never seen a dog watching a phone/ipad with the sound on, or running round and screaming.

I like dogs in pubs more than I like my own children in pubs :-)

One thing I would add though - is that families are a massive source of income for pubs/cafes, without kids being allowed in pubs/cafes, eating food, drinking soft drinks, eating endless bags of crisps etc then their parents wouldn't be able to come as much. takings would be down, you'd see many more closures most likely.

Not saying that kids are single-handedly propping up the pub/cafe industry but they're likely a significant source of income for them.

Agree though that there are a lot who do run a bit wild and treat the place like a playground/creche which isn't great. Hey ho

I don't think we should be sacrificing children's health just to keep pubs and cafes open.

Children from families with dogs have much better gut microbiology and therefore much better immune systems than other children. DailyMail link.

I meant we shouldn't be buying junk food for the kids, just to keep the pubs, etc open.

Ha ! never thought I'd catch you quoting the Daily Heil.

Con, I hope they keep the odd tin of dogma for the occasional canine visitor?



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