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The vast majority of places don’t let dogs in. Modern pubs like my local make them stay outside due to ‘elth n safety’ which is nonsense unless you’re walking into the kitchen/food preparation area 

I’d love to make the most of Haringey but only know a handful of places that allow well behaved dogs on leads inside (we don’t want to always sit outside in winter). So I’ve started a new discussion 

Hop on over to help compile the list http://https://www.harringayonline.com/forum/topics/dog-friendly-bu...

I have been a dog owner but do not over-sentimentalise about man's oldest friend. If I'm in a pub that serves food (over and above packets of crisps and nuts) I don't want to see dogs are sitting on the pub seats being allowed by their owners to lick every thing in range - plates, table etc. That and incessant barking has, on more than one occasion, caused me to leave a pub after one drink / not order food as I had intended. The Starting Gate having no control over canine activity has lost my custom forever. It isn't the dog's fault, rather the breed of entitled homo sapiens that seem to abound in this part of N. London.


Definitely not enough dogs

But too many kids especially when they dare to open their mouths and make a noise

In fact men and also women, in fact people generally when they start laughing together and if it's difficult to hear

And then as for the people who have had more than 1 drink and I have to squeeze past them to get a drink. As they are way too raucous.invading my space

Dogs running around. Licking our faces should be encouraged on every level. Evidence based we need this to boost our immune system. Top medical experts proven it



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