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It seems that Haringey  have banned dogs off-lead in Finsbury park with a £100 penalty.  This appears to have been brought in without any notification this morning.


What evidence is there that dogs are more hazardous then joggers who push past and spray their panting exhalations everywhere?

How is the penalty be enforced and on what authority?

How am I supposed to walk a young and energetic dog if I can't run her in the park and not supposed to drive anywhere?

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Joggers seem to be getting really bad press at the moment, which really surprises me, as I think they are really responsible. As a runner, I’m amazed, how often I end up having to stop, or run on the road, as the pavement is taken over by 1 or maybe 2 people oblivious to the world, walking down the middle. And when I stop and ask if they can move over to the side of the pavement, so u get past, I get the rude comments etc etc

and tbh it’s often the families who are the least oblivious. But slagging one group or the other never helps. Let’s all be courteous and unfortunately it’s thought dogs can carry the virus on their coats, so makes sense to keep on leads  if you think they are likely to come in contact with other people or dogs . But I do miss my dog hugging 

also my friends went to the river lea early today and said it was deserted and could take her dog off the lead

Stop being a baby and buckle down. Trivia. People are dying. Incredibly selfish. 


excellent points well made

I have the same problems

Idiots law

smokers and vapers and runners can breathe everywhere

I just don't get it



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