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Are Dogtas having a stock turnover in their central Harringay outlet, or has the store been bitten by the Fairline curse?

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After the repossession order went up in the window at the end of last year there was no sign of life and then it was open again until Christmas. I wonder if they opened again just to fulfill existing orders on their books

Didn't repossession mean they had to stop trading? Presumably that's why the furniture's disappeared; there was a Dogtas van outside about 10 days ago.
They've left multiple enormous piles of open rubbish bags, food, building materials and a few overflowing skips in the area behind the shop. I've reported it to Haringey Council, but we'll see what gets done.

They've got zero respect for the local community. It's the first time i've seen rats in three years living here. THANKS.

and they ripped out all the original Victorian parts from The Old Queens Head pub - more like DogT****.   Thanks Haringey planning department for another botch job

If you rent premises to sell furniture, you probably don't want Victoriana.

The windows have now been covered with cellophane. Does anyone know if a new tenant is moving into the premises?

There is definitely work ongoing inside although for what I don’t know - I passed at about 4:30 yesterday and the door opened to reveal several blokes in hi viz jackets lugging what appeared to be a workbench around.

It’d be nice if something good came of it but I’m not holding my breath. Anyone for a mega-jewellers...?



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