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In case residents above shops on the high street didn't notice, the times for leaving out domestic rubbish have changed to 8-9am and 4-5pm. Details are in the attached picture of the notice on my nearest lamppost. Please check you nearest lamppost for details, in case the times are different further along the street. If struggling to read the notice like me, take a picture on a smart phone and zoom out. Easy...!

Yesterday, I noticed an unusually high volume of refuse bags on the high street (3 pm, 19 August). The attached photo I took at the time is one example of endless piles yesterday. Noticing this inspired me to post something, as I suspected that residents are either not aware of the changes or that the collection was not made yesterday morning.

Adding to the chaos is the introduction of new colour coded bin bags for general domestic waste. I think there is also a different colour for commercial waste. However, I have yet to receive the domestic waste bags, despite asking for them about a couple of weeks ago . Today I also followed this up by email and r clever an automatic response saying that it they will respond within 10 working days. The attached photo showing black bin bags also indicates that the colour coded bin bag message isn't getting across. Or is it that that deliveries of the bags are not efficient? I suspect it's a combination of both. In the past it has also taken me up to 6 weeks to receive the green recycling bags after ordering them.

Confusing? Inefficient? Bureaucratic? Poor communication? People don't give a damn? Who knows? Any thoughts from the people of HoL...?

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It is a pretty poor system overall, relying on timed collections which can vary and just means people feel they can put litter out most of the day as they know it will be collected - including passers by who just dump a carrier bag next to the bin (because putting it in is too much effort!) I wonder how many people have been prosecuted for not putting them out at the right time - how would they even find them!?

Added to that is the purple sacks by the rubbish men, which also end up being added. I am not saying those living on Green Lanes etc shouldn't put their rubbish out, but surely there is a better way? The black boxes that were trialed in Tottenham seem to work better in Wood Green High Street.

What do other places do? There never seems to be as many bags of rubbish collecting on the corners of other streets where there are residents above shop...maybe that is just me?

Those times must be impossible for those who work normal hours

Do those collections include Saturday and Sunday ?



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