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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

It is neck-and-neck in Harringay so you have no excuse for apathy! Get out and vote tomorrow from 7am!

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I haven't received a single leaflet from any candidate....

I think the parties are more active in Harringay Ward than they are in Seven Sisters or St Ann's. Harringay is marginal, whereas Labour know they'll win the other two wards whatever anyone does.

I'm in St Ann's and I've not had anyone calling on me, I've had a leaflet from the Greens and possibly one from the Lib Dems.

I'm in St Ann's and the Greens have woken me up two Sunday's in a row canvasing (that's not a criticism - I've been working nights so they've not been outrageously early in the normal scheme of things) 

The frustrating thing for a candidate is for no one to be in when they call, I know we’ve pretty much covered it off.

Sorry to hear you haven’t received a call, it’s our absolute objective to get to see you.


Nothing from Labour.

Someone mentioned that we have 2 candidates on the ballot paper from a newly formed Polish party!

They were here last time around. I'll try not to be sensitive about their demands for respect but before the EU we New Zealanders had the rights that they now take for granted.

I received one flyer from the Polish guys and mutiple flyers from the Greens which is ironic given their admirable views on managing resources (I'm assuming the flyers were printed on recycled paper).

Nothing from Momentum/Labour though. They're relying on people's apathy and tribal thinking. Unfortunately, they'e probably right to expect to win without trying (and then disappear again until the next election).

As the Labour supporters used to say in Tower Hamlets, 'Vote early, Vote often!'. 

I had labour drop round for a chat twice, and leaflets from lib dems

Where did you get the information that it's so close?

Trade secret.



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