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Donations of Bikes/Bike Bits for Local Mental Health Services Warmly Welcomed

Over the last few years the NHS mental health service in Haringey has been running a well-received, well-established bike workshop cooperative. It has brought together service users and staff to learn about bikes and build and repair their own ones. People repeatedly comment on how much the project has helped them. 

Unfortunately we have run out of materials. Therefore any donations (bits of bikes, screws, lockers, helmets...) would be very warmly welcomed and would enable us to continue running this very special project.

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Hi, I have two old bikes that are in a bit of a sad state of disrepair but could be a good fix up project - would they be of any use? If so, where should I take/donate them?

That's perfect! Could you drop by St Ann's hospital any time between 9-5 today or I could pm you my address if after working hours works better for you. Thank you very much!

Hi Lara, I have a bike frame or two that could go to this. Are you also open on Friday during the working day, and where precisely in St Anns are you?

Cheers, DIane

Hi Diane,

I'm on home visits tomorrow but I'm back in office on Tuesday? Would that work or any other time between Tue-Fr next week? Thank you so much for your offer!

Apologies I have only just seen your reply. I could get them to you during the day on Monday next week if that suits you? 

Unfortunately I don't work in the office on Mondays. Would any time between Tuesday and Friday suit? Thank you again!

I have a couple of bike wheels I could drop over next week - where exactly at St Ann's are you?  Thanks

Hey all,

I'm sorry I think I might have lost a bit track of all the lovely generous offers. I am in the office all day today until about 6pm so if you have time today that would be great. Otherwise tomorrow after 3.30pm works as well too. Feel free to pm me if you want me to send again my number or exact address. Thank you very much!!

Now that the weather seems to have calmed down I might pop over! With one frame as I can't carry two on foot.

Hi Lara

Are you still interested in bikes for your workshop? Please let me know if you are. 

Many thanks 




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