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Hello Everybody.

Anyone had any old Victorian doors dipped recently? Any recommendations.

Just had the staircase balustrades done by one company and they took 3 weeks to return and they were still wet and they lost 2 of them!

thanks in advance


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dont do it!

The doors in our house are  quite warped,  a painter and decorator told me this was due to them having previously been dipped to get the paint off.    it may be he was proffesionally affronted by the sight of dipped doors but it sounded plausible to me.

Get the blow torch out.

They are replacements to modern ones. Started staircase with blow torch 3 months ago and just can't face any more!


Blow torch will create lead fumes from the earliest paint layers (green or cream and oily? possibly lead) which you will breathe in without breathing apparatus.

Dipping will dehydrate and crack the wood (it has done some of ours, just dipped).

It's a problem!

Great - I did see these guy on my search - I've been up there to see them for something else and they seemed

very professional

best John



I used london door stripping on our very old doors and found them to do a good job.



I'll go there I think - thanks Rob

Hi John,

I have just had about 8 doors dipped and they have come out brilliantly, had them done over in a place in the back end of Enfield and I am due to be heading over there again very soon to get an old fireplace restored!

Let me know if you want any more information, but I think it was well worth it!


was it http://www.londondoorstripping.co.uk/

part of the reclaim yard at http://www.stoneagearchitectural.com
Same one??? 

Yep, thats the one mate. Very very good service, can take a few days or some though! Well worth it!

thanks Steven - Yes they are collecting my 4 doors tommorow. Feel reassured that they are good

Many thanks John



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