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This week i have had a woman ringing my doorbell then shouting and strongly banging on my front door and talking a language that I did not recognise. She did finally go away but i now feel very worried and quite frightened about this seemingly deranged visitor. I called 999 today when she disturbed me twice again and was just given a reference number.

I hope not but has anyone else that lives on or around Hermitage road had the same experience as me?

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Care in the community? 

i know i wondered about that too but i am really frightened now and i have never felt this before 

If she starts screaming and banging on your door again call 999 and tell the operator that she is outside and has a knife. That'll get them over in no time.  We have the right to be able to live in peace in our own homes without having the stress of having people who belong in hospital living next door and causing stress and disturbing the peace, especially around this time of the year. 

Please parse me this LOGIC:

 woman talking a strange language - does finally go away - new deranged neighbour - care in the community? - tell the operator she is outside and has a knife - we have the right - people who belong in hospital - causing stress and disturbing the peace -especially around this time of the year.

Sounds like a recipe for 9 lessons and carols with mulled wine.

I agree, ring 999, why should you have to wait until something else happens, not saying that it will. I had this on a local bus recently and was shaken up, I was on the phone and the person heard the whole scene. The driver stopped and waited for the guy to get off, or it would of been a call to the police. This person was ill, he talks out loud all the time, and I was on the phone to my doctors surgery, the guy launched at me and said I was talking about him, bit sad as he is obviously quite mentally ill, but you have to protect yourself.

Some time ago, about 2 a.m. I heard someone in my front garden, near the window (very small front garden) calling out and tapping - let me in etc. I didn't feel frightened but didn't want to answer the door and say he had the wrong house either. So I called the non-emergency number and police responded quite promptly, came and spoke quietly to the man and escorted him away. I think he was supposed to be going to a hostel but had been drinking and got the wrong place.

About three years ago, someone on here complained that groups of drunken men were punching the s___ out of each other in a local park speaking a 'Russian-like' language, as expected, the pedantics piled on the post making accusations of bigotry, ignorance and racism.

Could I suggest, in the spirit of our community, find out the nationality of the lady, attend courses in her language, and then reason with her the next time she calls..........or just call 999.

Yes I did find that bit inappropriate, the strange language part! I was thinking strange in what way?!

I'd say a strange language is one I didn't understand or recognise. It's not an inappropriate thing to say. If it wasn't 'strange' then it would be familiar and the poster would simply say the person was speaking Finnish, Mandarin or Welsh for example.

On a cold night I found a man on my doorstep blocking my door, slouched down confused and with slurred speech and I thought he was drunk. During a brief period of lucidness he rummaged for a card, it stated that he had epilepsy with a contact number. He was so poorly and had hypothermia following a prolonged seizure and had been wondering around and had been ignored for some time. He needed an ambulance and emergency treatment.

Epilepsy, mental confusion, dementia, can happen to anyone of us. Happy Christmas.

Yip! Have a Happy Christmas Maggie.

The incidence of drunken, drug addled and broadly indecent behaviour in the neighbourhood warrants a sceptical response. I feel for those truly in need but let’s face it - the vast majority of individuals around here don’t fall in the ‘vulnerable’ category... 



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