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We are aware of an increased number of reports of drug dealing throughout the Ladder and are grateful for the information and reports that are coming in.

There are a lot of demands on our limited resources, not least with Finsbury Park, Green Lanes and the recent murder on Ducketts Common. However we are continuing to work hard to combat the drug dealing and have a number of measures planned to tackle it.

As ever, we can be contacted on 07920233786 whenever we are on duty or else can be emailed on harringay.snt@met.police.uk. We will also be at the LCSP meeting tomorrow (14/06/2018) and are holding regular Community Contact Points.

The more information we have the more able we are to tackle this problem so we would be grateful if you can keep getting in touch


PC Halkon and PC Cooper

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They decriminalised personal possession and consumption, the import and dealing will still be controlled by drugs gangs. It's not like they can buy heroin in a shop. 

But the dealers cannot use the illegality of the substance they sell as leverage over their customers upon who they would be seen as pushers by some. Once a dealer has your number you can expect a concerned text message when they surmise that you are at your weakest when they haven't heard from you in a while.

The Portuguese approach is certainly no miracle but it's both changed the climate around drug use and reduced drug usage. According to an article in the Indy, the evidence is that drug use stabilised or declined since Portugal changed its approach, particularly heroin. The article goes on to say that in polls, the proportion of 15 to 24-year-olds who say that they have used illicit drugs in the last month dropped by almost half since decriminalisation. If you reduce drug use you reduce the dealer problem. Also if you reduce police time spent on users, you increase the time available to focus on dealers.

I'm not suggesting that the approach is a panacea or suggesting that it would necessarily translate directly to the UK, let alone Harringay. But I do think it's an approach that deserves more consideration here.

Although I've not used currently illegal drugs for years, I recognize that people do. The trouble is that (as I said on the murder thread) there is no scientific evidence base for criminalizing the use of some less "dangerous" drugs.  Some of which even have clinically recognized uses. Their legalization in Portugal, some US states and Latin America has not led to an increase. Continuing to do so in this country for fear of the Daily Mail reaction, both diverts scarce police and court resources, and damages respect for the law - against the really dangerous drugs - by young people, which was certainly the case with me.

I agree that we should look to legalise cannabis but until that time the police have to enforce the law. Not enforcing it leads to the large gangs and a shooting outside Turnpike Lane a year or so ago.

Latest local crime?
* Found stolen wallet in green lanes and nearly got mugged myself;
* 2 guy’s casing out properties on hewitt;

Monday evening 11th June 2018

Joyrider car crash, junction of Vincent Road and Langham Road N15 approximately 6.30 Monday night .  Huge Volvo car that was parked up was written off, as was the stolen car.  joyriders ran off towards Downhills Park.

Might be drug dealer related. Getting away from skirmishes with other dealers or from the police? Seeing cars doing this lately on the ladder roads too, over road humps at 40-50 mph. Very dangerous for the rest of us using paths, Harringay passage or indeed simply parked by the roadside 

Hi Matt

To cause that much damage to a parked car on the other side of the road, they must have been doing at least 40 when the stolen car turned into Langham Rd and lost control.  It would have been carnage if anyone was driving either way when it came round the corner, let alone someone crossing.  As you say, utterly reckless driving.

Thanks. 2 PCSOs spoke to the concerned parents of my daughter's primary school today where the dealers brazenly deal nearby, often approaching anyone regardless of age. I really appreciate the efforts to talk to us and walking with some of the mums to see the state of the local public child's playground which is littered with drug remnants, used condoms and where one parent found a large knife. I hope additional funding is provided to assist in tackling this issue. I am fortunate to be in a position where I can pick up my children everyday. However I would be very concerned if I had a 10/11yr old who walked home from school alone.



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