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We are aware of an increased number of reports of drug dealing throughout the Ladder and are grateful for the information and reports that are coming in.

There are a lot of demands on our limited resources, not least with Finsbury Park, Green Lanes and the recent murder on Ducketts Common. However we are continuing to work hard to combat the drug dealing and have a number of measures planned to tackle it.

As ever, we can be contacted on 07920233786 whenever we are on duty or else can be emailed on harringay.snt@met.police.uk. We will also be at the LCSP meeting tomorrow (14/06/2018) and are holding regular Community Contact Points.

The more information we have the more able we are to tackle this problem so we would be grateful if you can keep getting in touch


PC Halkon and PC Cooper

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Wish the government would stop cutting police funding/support the police with more money! Things do seem to be quite bad at the moment. 

As someone pointed out on the "murder" thread, we wouldn't need as many police officers if either the drugs were legal or the demand did not exist.

I would really rather we could think of the police the way we think of firefighters but they hold a government granted monopoly on violence and have this strange dichotomy of "drug users" being "white middle class voters" as Roger pointed out, as well as poor people and addicts. So they have to be very careful.

Maybe we should just grow up and admit that most of us are on it and demand the government change the law. It would certainly make for happier police officers.

Most of us?

Speak for yourself, the last time I took any sort of illegal drug was 30 years ago - and I can say the same for my friends and family.  

OK, I'm trying to just be cool about this but my drug is red wine, which is legal. The Prozac and Valium that the middle classes take is also legal.

Please define " middle classes ".

You know me - am I middle class ?

I am being VERY tongue in cheek. It's actual the middle classes of a local ethnic group that use those drugs.

I ask because the phrase " middle classes " is often bandied about on here as pejorative and a term of contempt. But nobody seems to be able to explain or define it. I would say that anybody who employs a cleaner, a gardener or a child-minder is betraying signs of middleclassitude.

But do we actually have a working or upper class any more ? Was it not John Prescott who said " We are all middle class now ?

I think this is beyond the remit of the SNT

Part of their remit is surely being the public face of local policing operations?

I happen to agree with you on taking a rational approach to drugs but the SNTs job is to enforce the law as it is, whatever the personal opinion individual officers may hold.

I meant that as people we can give feedback to, not as people we can ask to not enforce some laws against some groups.

I only recently learned that Portugal decriminalised drugs in 2001 and the policy is largely regarded as a great success. Sadly none one's copied it.



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