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A great way to help pollinators and wild flowers is to leave strips of grass unmown. At Ducketts Common, the Parks department at Haringey Council and the Friends of Ducketts Common have ensured that the edges of the common have been spared the lawn mower and the result is just lovely with wild flowers and insects colonising the edge of this very busy thoroughfare.

Beautiful ox-eye daisies. Unlike common daisies, the ox-eye doesn't close up at night.

Where the flowers come, the pollinators follow. Bees get all the press but the hover fly plays an important role too - and look at its beautiful abdomen.

With its mature trees and meadow like edges, Ducketts Common shows that even in the bustle of a busy part of town you can create a space for nature. 

Say no to the mow

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great pics, thanks for sharing

Brilliant. Credit to all those who've helped this to happen. Imagine the effect if all London's (mown) green spaces recieved this little bit of TLC on their edges....

Really good to see!

Verges and edges of green space are so perfect for 'wildlife' planting.

John Little's been a pioneer for this in public green space, with Clapton Park Estate in Hackney

There's a little bit here on his website http://www.grassroofcompany.co.uk/urban-maintenance.htm

Great pic of the hover fly Liz




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