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Hi all. I just thought I should recommend our cleaner, she really is fantastic. Her name is Elizabeth and she has a few people working for her and they have all been fantastic. Feel free to contact her on 07835 835 585.

Her cleaners all adhere to social distancing regulations and are just really jolly good.  

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Just because I think we should all be honest and give a balanced view, I've had a very different experience. I'd be happy to share if anyone wants to PM if you are considering using and want some balance

Ditto. The cleaner I was sent was fantastic and so lovely - but she’s left now. The customer service however from Elisabeth herself, was NOT. 

Oh well, what can I say? We've had no problems at all. I think every cleaner we've had is excellent. We've seriously never had a problem. I'm sorry it wasn't the case for you guys. 

We also use Elizabeth, and would endorse the comments made in the original post - we've found both the cleaning and overall service to be excellent.



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