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I was just wondering if anyone has had any unpleasant experiences with Evans Cycles or Hornsey police lost and found department? I don't like to complain about places because so many of my experiences in this area have been great ones, but the service I received from both of these places was dreadfully inadequate.

First, in December I found a bike dumped down the Harringay passageway. It was a fairly new ridgeback, opera, purple and I assumed it had been stolen. So I handed it in to the Hornsey police station and they told me that according to their policy if no one collected it within 30 days the shiny new bike would be mine. After 30 days I rang and checked and they said it hadn't been collected by its owner but I had to wait 2 weeks before I could collect it. After 2 weeks I rang and they said that unfortunately they couldn't find the bike, it had been by the yellow bin but they'd have a look and get back to me. One week later I rang again and they said that they definitely did not have the bike but it definitely had not been reunited with its owner. I asked for more information and finally received an email which said "Following a full investigation I have identified that the bicycle went missing between December 2012 and February 2013 but I would like to assure you that we have learned from this unfortunate set of circumstances in order to prevent further instances of this kind. Haringey Borough deals with the storage of some 26,000 items annually and I would like to take this opportunity to assure you that under Metropolitan Police policy/procedure, clear audit trails and detailed records are kept in relation to receipt, restoration and disposal of property; had the bicycle been returned to its owner this would have been recorded. Under normal circumstances, if the loser cannot be traced, the only other person with a claim to it would be you as the finder. Finally I would like to thank you handing the bicycle in to the station in an attempt to have it returned to the rightful owner and apologise once again that our standards fell short of what you were entitled to expect". Not ideal and if I find stolen property again I will use this forum to attempt to reunite it with the owner and won't go to the police.

I then got a bike for my birthday from Evans Cycles and when my tyres got a puncture 3 weeks later I took my bike in to get puncture resistant tyres. When I chose the tyres I was served by a trainee who took a very long time to put my request into the till - and in the end put it in wrong but everyone has to learn so that was fine. When I went to pick up my bike though they could not find my order, and said their computer was broken. Then, when they finally put it in again, after 20 minutes waiting, they could not honour the 10% voucher I had that they had previously said they could. When I asked them to get the manager they asked if they could charge me the full amount and take my number and then call me when they were able to process the discount. I said no, and 20 minutes later the manager arrived and processed the discount. I was then free to cycle my bike with its new tyres home - only to find the back tyre was still flat. They pumped it up for me, assuring me it was all fine and I cycled home. The next day it was flat again. I took the bike in today to ask them what had happened and could they fix it and they changed the inner tube for me - but while I was there another unsatisfied customer was having a frustrated conversation about the fixing, or lack thereof, of his bike. I just hope that this time around my tyres stay pumped up.

I'd be interested to know if anyone has had similar experiences with these places or if they were really just one offs and I happened to be unlucky.

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I've had a similar experience with Evans cycles. My cycles are Kat up the road, spend your money there!

Disappointing to hear about the Police.

Haha - I read that whole post waiting for the moment when the two stories would become somehow related!

I wouldn't worry unduly about either incident. There are better bike shops out there than Evans, although even Evans should be able to fit a tyre so I suspect you were just unlucky. Fixing punctures is pretty straightforward - if you're going to ride regularly, you'll get the odd puncture so it's worth learning to do it yourself.

LOOOOOOOOOL!!! I read it twice to see where I missed the connection. Here is my fictional edit:

When I chose the tyres I was served by a trainee who took a very long time to put my request into the till ... So I looked around the shop to pass the time, browsing the bikes and there it was, the bike I handed to the Police, for sale at a staggering £600!

My stomach turned, my instinct told me something was not right, but I remained calm and took discreet pictures of the bike on my phone. I then video'd the shop staff, pretending I was on a call.

Finally I left the shop, my heart racing that I could've been caught. I rode towards the station, hiding in the breezy sunshine behind a tree on Rathcoole Gardens. I took pictures of the officers who came and went. 

Hours past, the smells from the chip shop distracting my attention, but I stayed focussed and it was worth it! The trainee shop worker climbed into the back of a transit van, coming out minutes later dressed as an officer and entered the station

Confused, I waited approx 10 mins to see her leave with a bike, she placed the bike in the back of the van, changing back to her normal clothes.

I returned the next day, the second bike now on sale in the shop window....

Duff Duff Duff.... 

I know, I need help  x

Seema, I can't wait for the next installment of your breathless crime serial!

Like Alex, I was waiting for some connection, any at all, between the two stories. Like you, I was expecting the missing bike to turn up for sale at Evans cycles. The connection was no more than "bicycle". Many of us would be disappointed at not getting a free bike.

The police were more embarrassed than "dreadfully inadequate". Lost (or stolen) property that is found, IMO, should always be handed in to the police: that is where the rightful owners would ask.

Sadly punctures are a fact of life with bikes. While all bicycle tyres resist punctures to some extent, I'm not sure there's any tyre that resists all punctures. Valves can be a problem ...


Apologies, I was just having a laugh... 

I dont ride a bike, so have nothing "constructive" to add... I'll go now :(

Oh Seema, I hope you're not feeling deflated. Or uninflated. Riding a bike is good exercise.

I know, but I live on first floor so no where to store it :(
My only experience with Evans was them screwing up my gears and then two different people giving me a lot of patronising guff about how maybe I didn't really understand how gears worked. I thought they were awful, wouldn't ever go there again.

Don't know about Evans, but on the one occasion I tried to buy something from 2 Wheels Good I was served (I use the term advisedly) by someone who treated me in such a condescending manner that I won't trouble them for business again.

I think I may have testicular cancer after reading this thread. More "hoping" actually.

Just to make me feel better bout it all.
I think it's good to share you customer service experiences Victoria!

1) I'll look out for a Police Officer riding around on a purple Ridgeback, I mean, where else did it go?!

2) Evans have a high turnover of staff, your experiences don't surprise me! Two Wheels Good won't be troubling the above for businesss as they closed the Crouch End shop..I concur about eh attitude the chaps had at times though!

3) I would suggest you take your bike business to Micycle on Ferme Park Road, or the home of Hudson bicycles on the ladder!

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