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A Low Traffic Future for Haringey – healthier, fairer streets

Join us – Public Event - 15th September

When: Sunday 15th September, 3pm- 5pm

Where: Green Rooms, 13-27 Station Road, Wood Green, London, N22 6UW

What:   In the lead up to Car Free Day we are being joined by leading thinkers, campaigning groups, residents, and Haringey Council to discuss the future for Haringey’s streets.

Speakers will include:

  • Dr Rachel Aldred, Reader in Transport, University of Westminster
  • Paul Gasson, Active Travel Campaigner, Waltham Forest

The event is being hosted by Haringey Living Streets, Haringey Cycling Campaign, and Haringey Council. Haringey Council will present some of their ideas for low traffic neighbourhoods and active travel in the borough – sharing key learning from a recent Liveable Neighbourhoods Conference that Haringey hosted with TFL for London. There will be a chance for Q&A and a short interactive session where attendees can conduct a community mapping for healthy streets in their own wards

To register to attend the event please click here.

We are considering options for providing a small creche to enable more parents to attend the event. If you would be interested in the service please email Haringeygroup@livingstreets.org.uk before 10th September.


Also, please be sure to like the Haringey Living Streets Facebook page to keep up to date with Living Streets Haringey!

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You can't stop the traffic you can only displace it into someone else's area. Something that some of the residents of Wightman road either don't understand or simply don't care. This issue is global and only a global initiative will make change. 

You can displace people onto better modes of transport & discourage unnecessary journeys by car. I think Waltham Forest's initiatives have shown that. It's a pleasure to be in the residential parts of the borough: cleaner air & safer roads. 

Change has to come from difficult places sometimes, and that often means a change of mentality. 

We'd love to see you at the event Matt!

Congestion isn't inevitable, or a law of nature; it's people making choices. We made it easy for people in cars, we can make it hard. If it gets offset elsewhere, so be it. That's on the people using the cars. If you don't start somewhere, nothing will change.



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