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Has anyone been to Sainsbury since lockdown / distancing rules came in?

Is it getting restocked or is it still Krasnoyarsk circa winter 1981.

(no offence to old Krasnoyarsk-ites)

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My wife who went very early yesterday as she is an NHS worker and said it was very organised , No pasta but there was toilet rolls . 

Joke's on the toilet roll hoarders. The corona virus takes away your appetite and blocks you up.

Unfortunately not! Colleagues who have it have diarrhoea.

I went yesterday afternoon. No queuing to get in, everything there (apart from rice/pasta). It was a lovely and calm atmosphere. There are gaffa taped distance lines at the tills.

I went this evening, long cue but moved along at a good pace. 

The chickens have carried on doing what they do (who would have thought!) and I can now make an omelette!

Good job the off licences are allowed to stay open.

I went yesterday, I was really impressed. Short wait in queue, well stocked. Only a couple of things I couldn’t get but no drama.  



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