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Extinction Rebellion: uprising in Harringay, West Green & Wood Green this weekend

Extinction Rebellion are holding a range of activities on roads & greenspace in our local area this weekend. They'll be music, children's activities & an opportunity to get involved in XR activities prior to the global rebellion planned for 7th October. Expecting the "greening of Green Lanes" from 9am onwards on Saturday. Great to see this happening on our doorstep :) 

More details here https://rebellion.earth/event/north-london-uprising/

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Why don't they hold it on Thursday and Friday and disrupt the first week of school?  Purely to annoy Neil O'Shea and any other far right Irishmen on this site, you understand.

Will there be a message to the shopkeepers of Green Lanes to reduce their poor environmental practices? 

I don't know but it's a good opportunity for you to get your message across. Come along.

So what's the rationale for blocking Green Lanes rather than other locations? Is it worse pollution wise than other locations?

You can see pollution levels using this map


Green Lanes is way above target levels for nitrogen dioxide.  Also the stretch between Turnpike Lane and Harringay Green Lanes Station is solidly residential either side, so the streets leading off suffer from levels generated on the Lanes.

I don't know. It could be a decision based on emissions, it could be based on the massive amount of beef sold in the restaurants on this stretch of road, maybe it's because of the historical tradition of demonstrations on Ducketts Common/Green Lanes. Or maybe all three reasons. I'm just speculating though. Like you, I'm a local resident who's concerned about the environment. XR have finally got people, business & governments listening, so I'll be going along to add my support over the weekend. I hope you do too. :) 

John, its perfectly reasonable to go to a protest without being able to precisely account for every aspect of its organisation. OP has suggested some reasons - if you genuinely want more detail (rather than just trying to point-score) why don't you take up any logistical questions with the organisers?

And I've explained why your point is silly. 

No John, that's not the case. My primary intention was to promote something which is likely to cause "considerable disruption & inconvienience" because I felt my neighbours & community ought to know & there hadn't been any discussion about it on HOL. 

I'm well aware of the aims of Extinction Rebellion, which I support but I've never claimed to represent them. 

In Mid August, Hugh also promoted the event. Maybe he knows why Green Lanes was chosen, maybe he doesn't. Does that make him "clever" too?

I'm genuinely sorry if you'll be incovienced over the weekend. People are taking part in these activities because they know the impacts of climate change will be far more disruptive. 

Peace & love John, peace & love.

John I'm sure you'll get over the inconvenience rather more quickly than the inconvenience of stunted lungs will cause our children. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-london-46191556 

Ben, I did not say I personally would be inconvenienced. I was just interested in why Green Lanes was chosen.

John, marches are disruptive. As we can all see right now, democracy can be very messy and disruptive. But I'd much rather that than bowing down and doing what those who've sought and attained power choose. This march isn't campaigning for cheaper bananas, it's speaking to what's one of the most critical issues of our times.

Surely, in this time of rising animosity between those of opposing views, there's room for a little leeway?



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