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Extreme eczema - allergy/sensitivities testing recommendations?

Daughter (adult) suffers from extreme eczema that GP is unable to treat so finally (few months) got a referral to a dermatologist but the appointment is for September (!!!) and tried to tret with steroids all the time (awful)

Can anyone recommend somewhere we could do allergies/sensitivities/intolerance tested privately and can give me some idea about the potential cost?

I am not looking for Googe search results as I can find those myself.

I am looking for personal recommendation as we are both at our wits ends - it is very severe.

Thanks a lot

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Hi Anka, I had quite alot of eczema (upper body) for the past 15 years.  I had tried everything from steroids and creams and although they worked temporarily nothing solved the problem for longer than a month.

However last year, I stopped using soap (in fact any type of chemical) on my upper body and after about 4 - 6 weeks my eczema disappeared and has not returned.  Has your daughter tried that?

Sometimes it's the simple things that work :)

I don't know how old your daughter is - but my extreme excema was largely abated by acupuncture. There's a great place in Archway attached to the hospital.

Also, did you see this yesterday


i spent years looking for cures and have some knowledge of most. so feel free to DM me if you need any other steers. it's an awful thing to live with but can be treated. I'm less keen on the steroid creams myself but I know how desperate things can get...

Hi Anka

I suffer from eczema and psoriasis myself and have a few points to make that you may have already considered and sorry if they seem obvious but here goes:

1. I am sure you have tried this but from what you describe it sounds like your daughter should get an urgent referral (ie ahead of usual referral where you are behind everyone else waiting for consultant appt) to dermatologist from GP. I have got this myself before, at the Royal Free. My dermatologist was Dr MacBride at Royal Free, who is excellent.

2. If your daughter has so far only seen GP, do you definitely know it is eczema? It could be psoriasis for example and oral steroids are not recommended for psoriasis.

3. What worked for me was seeing dermatologists (NHS) and things they offered that helped included light treatment, oral steroids (for eczema), steroid and non-steroid creams (some that only dermatologists not GPs can prescribe). For one particular flare-up I had patch tests that discovered I was allergic to a textile dye (this is unusual).

4. No dermatologist has ever said anything to me about diet, gluten etc and I am not sure if such approaches are evidence-based. I have previously tried acupuncture and Chinese herbs which did not work for me. (I know this will be controversial for some people but this is what worked for me).

Thanks everyone.
Just an update - hemp soap and cream and hemp oil (from Body Shop) have cleared it as nothing else did before.
So waiting for dermatologist appointment - GP did not request urgent as it was a Choose and Book referral the closes slot was what was offered.
GP perscribed more storoids but told daughter not to use as read a ot about benefits of hemp so she tried that and it worked for her for now.
Will keep you posted.
Thanks again
Sorry to hear your daughter has been having a difficult time with her eczema. If it flares up again and she needs help while she's waiting for a hospital or GP appointment, the National Eczema Society can offer lots of information, advice and support (Visit www.eczema.org or phone the helpline 0800 089 1122).
Hi Anka

I have had eczema all my life and it is particularly severe on myon my hands. I was referred here https://www.uclh.nhs.uk/OurServices/ServiceA-Z/INTMED/IMAAC/Pages/H... by my Gp and it was such a relief to find out what I was allergic to. You may be able to get a private appointment here. Good luck and please let your daughter know she's not alone.



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