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Hi all,

Is there anyone else who wishes the gates at Fairland Park shut themselves, much like the spring loaded ones you find in Finsbury Park etc?

Our little fella took a sprint right out into Wightman Road a while ago straight through an open gate. He's at that age where it seemed like a fun game to run away the split second we weren't watching and thankfully the Transit van bearing down on him saw him coming and stopped. It scared the hell out of us seeing how quick he was able to get in the road and had the gates been shut he'd probably been unable to open them himself or we'd seen him trying to escape.

Seems that the majority of parents aren't bothered about closing them when they come in and out of the park which grinds my gears. I'd love to see them made self closing before the same thing happens to someone else's kid, or worse.


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Yes. Very good idea. Had the same worries when ours were small. Happy to help lobby/fund raise/install.

Yes I'd love to make this happen! We have this problem too.

The person prolly best to contact as I believe Fairland Park would be under his remit is;

Stuart Hopking

Finsbury Park Operations Manager

Finsbury Park


N4 1EE

T. 07967 336219

E. stuart.hopking@haringey.gov.uk

Sent a nice email to Stuart, no reply. Might end up going down there with some springs and a welder at this rate.

Call his mobile. His inbox will be chocca

Thanks Matt, will do.



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