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Fatal Road Accident adjacent to St Mary's Tower, Hornsey High Street

From Metpol - "Police were called at approximately 17:10hrs on Thursday, 27 December to reports of a van in collision with a pedestrian on High Street in Hornsey.The woman, 55, was taken to an east London hospital for treatment but she died there on Saturday, 29 December. Detectives from the Roads and Transport Policing Command would like to speak with anyone who witnessed the collision or who may have dash cam footage. Anyone with information is asked to call the Serious Collision Investigation Unit at Alperton on 020 8991 9555.

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Well OK, John, let's omit the "fault" word. At least we now know from MPSHaringey that the van had a driver, not just a SatNav. The fact that the Metpol unit for information is officially named "Serious Collision Inv Unit" confirms my main point which was that the Met generally are in need of serious Latin Lessons. I have already applied.

I am reminded that I adopted the 'Old-Age Emporium' moniker several years ago following some (possibly driver-led) comments here about silly old pedestrian fools crossing Green Lanes. Time to revive my original purpose. Any pedestrian over 50 deserves OAE's empathetic concern. 

Thanks to EMC2 for the information about Tracey and the very laudable funding campaign.

Her name was Tracey, she was 55, she was clearly well thought of in Hornsey, more here

Thank you for posting this

I knew about this prior to this report as my friend knows Tracey and was very shocked about the news. On 31s there was no indication that the driver of the van had any more fault than the pedestrian. It was believed to be a ‘freak accident’. One shouldn’t bash the driver just because the person was in a vehicle.

Why not? Pedestrians never kill drivers but drivers kill pedestrians all the time.

Uninformed nonsense John. 

You don’t think cars have ever swerved off the road to avoid pedestrians?  Truth is you know nothing about this but it won’t stop you - nay indulging - in speculation to further your own prejudice.

its entirely possible that the person responsible did nothing wrong and has this on their conscience.

have a read of this before being such a jerk 


A classic ad-hominem attack from an anonymous HoL account in favour of careless motorists. How typical.

A false equivalence. I’m not in favour of careless driving and nothing I’ve stated implies anything of the sort. 

Im simply stating that you made an easily disproved, grossly over simplified generalisation and are commenting on a case where you are not informed of even the basics of the case. 

You called me a jerk.

That's not really what ad hominem means. He engaged with your argument.

John, I myself have been nocked off a bike by a pedestrian walking carelessly on the road. Similar happened to my dad when a woman with dementia walked in front of his car. The van in question was a kind of van I’d think would drive very careful (I can’t reveal details of what their business was here). Plus people are not guilty until proven otherwise. 

'A kind of van I’d think would drive very careful'.

I'm intrigued.



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