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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

The is shameful.  I have tweeted the photos too.  Hopefully Fed Ex will see it.  This will only get worse with the Wightman Road debacle. The driver should be ticketed, named and shamed.  I'm going to send something to the Council too.  I just wanted people to see it.  Gobsmacked.

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Instant Footway Parking Ticket

Plus Police could also Ticket it for Obstruction

Have you put it on their Facebook Page, is this how you train Drivers

Hi there; I just put it on the Fed Ex FB page.

Same thing with an Ocado van a few weeks ago.  I tweeted then and they got back 8n minutes saying they would speak to the driver

Unreal.  There was no sign of the Fed Ex driver as is was about 7:40am.  It seemed like the van had been parked there all night.

Many of these drivers are on price work or have tight targets to make. The worst are the Amazon drivers who often stop in the middle of the road and jump out to deliver your internet shopping. Can wait for the drones...

Used to use them in past and Drivers used have to Hire Van etc. 

But aware Facebook normally gets a good fast reply

I see no problem with people stopping in the street to make a delivery, it's not like they have a lot of options. They're gonna be there about 2 minutes, if people can't wait that long then they should be using the main roads surely?

Especially since these people are bringing supplies and resources to the very people who carp about them delivering them. A lot of local shops and services don't have dedicated loading bays but still need deliveries. Never mind, after Brexit there will be no goods and no vans delivering them.

So, as I was walking up Allison Road last night, the Fed Ex van was parked on the other side of the road so the person, I assume, actually lives on the street.  So, he/she wasn't on a delivery on Tuesday morning when the van was parked on the footpath.  It was more than likely there overnight.  The nerve.


If the driver is employed by Fed Ex, rather than being a sub-contractor, his tickets will very likely be paid by them as part of their general business expenses, He won't care where or how he parks. I've been a short-stop delivery driver and it's not the glamorous life a lot of people think it is.



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