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Hi all,

I'm a third year student at UCL living on Lothair Road. This month I am doing my dissertation research, which involves interviewing women who cycle to work/uni/generally around London. The interview would last around an hour, and I will pay for the coffee! 

Anyone interested, or if you know anyone who fits this profile and wouldn't mind helping a soon-to-be-stressed-out student, please get in touch! 

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Morning Sarah. I have been cycling to work in the city from the January this year. Happy to help you with your dissertation. Do you want to make a connection and we can arrange something.

Yes please!

Geographer? (I am a Geography graduate so recognise the kind of research you might be doing)

My wife is a (UCL alumna) woman who cycles, so I will ask her to get in contact with you

That's me!
Would love to help! I've been back on my bike for just over a month now following my return to work after maternity leave.

Lisa that would be a great help, will send you a message 

Fab, I've accepted your connection request.

Haha yes spot on- Geography! That would be wonderful thank you

I'm an enthusiastic cycling commuter. Happy to help out. Drop me a message.

Thanks Nez! I have added you as a connection 

Hi, I'd also be happy to chat. I've been cycling in London for about ten years. I had a break when I was on maternity leave and just got back on my bike in April. I cycle from Tottenham to Westminster several times a week.

Thank you AnnaLou! I have sent you a connection request to arrange a time

happy to help, I commute Seven Sisters to West End and City on a vintage shopping bike, can get quite passionate about it!



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