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"Financier slams 'environmental extremists' … " (Evening Standard article) +MailOnline

Financier slams 'environmental extremists' who object to basement dig plans under his £2m Highgate home

This online article also appears on page six of today's print edition of The Evening Standard.

The property concerned lies at the northern end of the Parkland Walk that runs westwards from Finsbury Park. It's on the north side of the Walk shortly before it exits into Holmesdale Road. High boarding surrounds the property.

The Council's Planning Portal shows the Construction Management Plan application here, to which the public can comment, support or oppose, up until the 5th of April.

The website of The Friends of Parkland Walk is here.

Clive Carter
Councillor, Highgate Ward
Liberal Democrat Party

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Interesting that one of the supporting comments complains that some people who object to the application don't live near site in question, compeletly ignoring the fact the Parkland Walk is used by many thousands as a public amenity.
There was one well thought through objection from someone living in Mount Pleasant Crescent, arguing that if this is allowed to go ahead and access is given to the site via Parkland Walk, it will be in breech of covenant and could allow anyone else wishing to carry out works that were in similar breech to cite an approval as a precedent.
One thing to keep in mind Clive is that it's not the quantity of objectors or supporters of an application that influences the decision, it's the nature of the objection/supporting statement. A planning authority can refuse an application if there are legal or policy grounds to do so, or they can refuse with no substantive grounds and hope the applicants doesn't go to appeal. If they simply refuse because of the weight of opposition the applicants can go straight to the Planning Inpectorate. The Inspectorate will then make a judgement solely based on whether the authority was acting within its powers to refuse. It's one of the reasons that some applications are approved even though the local authority really doesn't want them to go ahead. They know that their refusal will be overturned at appeal.
We, as the public, have no third party right to appeal so if an application is approved we can't then go to the Planning Inspectorate. The only option is a risky and expensive judicial review. The planning system is always stacked in favour of the applicant and with recent changes to planning regulations and a widening of permitted development rights, decisions are increasingly being taken out of the hands both of the planning authority and the public.

it's not the quantity of objectors or supporters of an application that influences the decision, it's the nature of the objection/supporting statement.

Yes, this is well understood by anyone on the Planning Committee. The CMP may or may not be approved. Regardless, Haringey Council's Covenants on the property remain in place. Any decision to waive or "relax" the Covenants would be a political decision, not a planning decision. Political decisions sometimes have regard to public opinion.

I've just noticed that amongst other comments, the Leader of Labour Party (as MP for Islington North) lodged an Objection in respect of 3 Francis Place.



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