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En route home on the top deck of a bus. I saw what looked like a body being bagged up by the police in Finsbury Park by that little house on the corner of Manor House station. Hoping I’m mistaken in what I saw but I am quite disturbed 

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That does sound. Disturbing. Not sure how you would find out about that unless someone was coming out of that gate and saw. 

You are not mistaken I don't think as I too was going by sitting on the top deck of a bus and saw what I can only describe as what you thought also. It was very surreal and disturbing. There were loads of police cars and police sta ding beside the house next to a white covered long "bag".

How strange - no mention of anything on Twitter or via the Police. 

I saw a load of police and ambulance too- around 6pm yesterday and was told there had been an 'incident' and that paramedics were present. I looked online but didn't find any details about what had happened. 

The above link for the motor cycle death was different and the day before

I also saw the ambulances and police cars parked outside manor house entrance and still there 2hours later when I was on my way home

Just been running in the park and nothing cordoned off so assume not crime related at least

When I went passed (around 6) there were 2 ambulances, 2 paramedic vehicles and three police vehicles - which is quite a lot

Did anyone hear anything more? It's odd that this incident  - apparently involving a fatality in the park - seems to have gone unreported.

I didn't hear anything and was looking out for any news. Thinking back to that day, further back towards Finsbury Park station the police seemed to be comforting a distressed homeless man and woman so it could possibly be related to that?! I'm speculating but I think if it was anything more serious there would be been news coverage and forensics.

I asked about this incident at the Friends of Finsbury Park meeting this evening, and was told in hushed tones that one of the drug users who used the garden behind the lodge at the corner of the park had died of an overdose there.

Sad how a tragedy like this passes almost entirely unremarked.

I've also received a reply from the neighbourhood policing team on this, who confirm that it wasn't publicised because the death wasn't deemed to be suspicious.

I do think this deserves wider attention though, as it's a stark reminder of the need for more active intervention to help these vulnerable individuals.

Shame really, and largely a function of the wide availability of drugs in the borough.

The phone booth on the south-western corner of the Manor House junction is often full of 2-3 junkies all at once - either shooting up or trading drugs. Just across the street, on the Woodberry Downs side there is a regular gang of vagrants drinking and doing their thing... Just last Sunday, as we walked through Woodberry Downs we came across a woman smoking crack in the bushes.

Clearly this needs to be addressed, and hopefully the Travelodge on the corner will liven up that part of the area through the introduction of CCTV and a bit more footfall - all elements that will hopefully cause these regulars to seek pastures anew. 



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