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If anyone is experiencing excessive noise disturbance from the Adobe festival in Finsbury Park, suggest reporting it on Haringey's report it noise form - apparently they recognise there are growing no. of complaints from this area and are monitoring levels at the park.

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Agree. And there were terrible vibrations on Sunday just sitting on my sofa. I couldn't get any respite in any room of my flat and guess it was the same for thousands of others in the area. 

Thanks Zena

Thank you very much Zena, your concern and efforts are much appreciated. 

This was by far the loudest one, and there's been a lot over the years. All day. 11am to 10pm. Even with windows closed it was awful. Later on telly turned up loud but still could hear it and then the helicopters flying around afterwards till the early hours. No chance of a bit of Sunday respite home day or night for local people.  This was taking the p**s massively out of us. 

The sound reinforcement at many previous Park festivals seems to have been much better managed. There is always a degree of nuisance but never as much as the Abode fiasco. I suspect there is an issue of competance and underinvestment in this area at work here. It's a small festival compared to others and I can see how corners could easily have been cut.



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