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If anyone is experiencing excessive noise disturbance from the Adobe festival in Finsbury Park, suggest reporting it on Haringey's report it noise form - apparently they recognise there are growing no. of complaints from this area and are monitoring levels at the park.

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Dear All

First, apologies for not posting on this thread sooner. Following a call from a very - rightly - irate resident I contacted the on duty officer early on Sunday evening about the noise, and the difficulty of even reporting it. I wrote to the relevant officers who and have insisted on a meeting to review what happened and why. A senior officer called me to try to explain (I heard the wind theory too),but I am insisting on the meeting and am chasing this up. I copied in my fellow ward councillors in Harringay and Stroud Green councillors. 


Zena Brabazon

Deputy Leader of the Council

Cabinet Member for Children and Families

Cllr, Harringay Ward

It’s a shame as although I’m a supporter of the festivals and I don’t mind the music, it does need better regulation. Carrying on until 10pm on a Sunday is unacceptable when people have got kids that need to get to bed. Hope the festivals get to continue but they have to stop at a reasonable hour on a Sunday at least. 

10pm is too late especially as it started in the morning. 11 hours of constant noise is too much, not just for kids but as adults who need some rest sometime and sleep. I'd like to know what the exact benefits as a resident I'm getting from these constant private events. I won't call them festivals as they then sound like nice, local, fun things. 

They make money for the council which it then supposedly uses to improve local facilities, like redesigning Wightman Road. You are allowed to laugh riotously at this point.

All profits from Finsbury Park events have to be spent on Finsbury Park itself since the Friends of Finsbury Park court case.

Thanks Hugh. I'll look forward to that expenditure then and hope that there are some periods next summer that are gig-free so we can full use of the park and enjoy it. 

The attached gives some sense of where the money is going.

Pages from 2019 01 12 - meeting minutes.pdf

Why then are they not spending them on sound baffle fences for use at events like these?

Sound baffle fences only work on motorways and high-speed railways where the sound is produced at ground level and very close to the baffle fence.

The sound production in Finsbury Park doesn't fit that model and 50-foot fences (imagine!!) would still be an insufficient barrier.  Sorry!

Totally agree Ruth!!! It's not actually just people with kids who need to get to bed it's the rest of us as well who might actually not want to have put up with the thumping the entire day. This one was way too loud and I haven't objected to any of the other concerts even though I dislike the way the park is made unusable for long periods over the summer

Thanks KP, this one was the worst I've experienced. Like you dislike the way the park is largely out of bounds for long periods over the summer and the general disruption to travel etc.

But I've learnt to grin and bear it over the year but Sunday's OTT event was way beyond what we should have to put up with. Too much. The balance has been lost. 

Just to add that even here in Glenwood (which must be well over a mile and quarter away from the festival) the sound was very audible all weekend, especially on Sunday, when the constantly thumping bass was almost tangible through vibration. Mercifully this wasn't anything like as bad for me as for those living right next to the park, but it seems the balance between the council's desperation for revenue and the needs of residents for peace and quiet enjoyment of their homes and area has gone too far in the wrong direction. If neighbours were causing the same amount of noise disturbance to other residents there'd be ample justification for the council to intervene, so why don't the same rules apply when it's the council itself that's licensing the event?



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