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I noticed a couple of days ago that the new 'City North' Development besides Finsbury Park station is now well under way (though a long way from completion); here's a 3D picture of what they are planning:


- quite a difference from other buildings around Finsbury Park station!

The development also integrates with a new entrance to Finsbury Park Station. The station badly needs more capacity in the rush hour (as anyone who travels through there will have noticed!).

Presumably congestion will get worse from May when Thameslink trains will start running via Finsbury Park to Brighton & Horsham via Blackfriars, leading to even more people changing trains.

There are some lifts being installed now, with some other access improvements, but the new 'City North' entrance is apparently not due to open until 2019:


It'll be interesting to see how the station copes in the rush hour with the new services from May this year, pending this new entrance sometime in 2019....

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Southbound Victoria and Piccadilly line passengers may well change at Finsbury Park rather than Kings Cross St Pancras or Victoria, but their numbers will be offset by Great Northern passengers who will stay on the National Rail platforms waiting for the Gatwick/Brighton train.

That may be true - but presumably there might also be additional people arriving by bus to use the Thameslink route?

Most would use the Station Place National Rail stairs up to the platforms, only the W3/W7/210 passengers for Thameslink would use the Goodwin St entrance. In either case I don't think they'd be using the existing underground passages or spiral stairs which are the main concerns about overcrowding. 

Forgive me for not understanding the maps above and asking a simple question....

Coming from Stroud Green, will I ALWAYS have to walk under the bridge to get into Finsbury Park Station or will there eventually be access from Wells Terrace?

I understand it said somewhere "it is only 100 metres further" but still... 


No you won't have to when the new entrance opens, it will be on Goodwin St off Fonthill Rd, so you'd walk down Stroud Green Road, turn right at some point e.g. Wells Terrace and pick up Fonthill Rd, then left, and left again into Goodwin St. 


The new station concourse will initially open onto Goodwin Street only (from spring 2019), but later (autumn 2019) will open straight onto Wells Terrace too, via a new street that will connect to Wells Terrace just to the right of the old entrance (opposite Starbucks).

Buildings are very different.  Presumably planning was given some time ago, but look at how dated it looks already.  Most authorities are returning to a more contextual approach with new developments, using brick similar to the local vernacular, termed "new London vernacular".  These tend to blend in better.  Taller elements can be treated in "lighter construction" of glass and metal detailing but the predominant material is still brick.  The predominance of white (render?) in this construction will be hard to keep particularly with the pollution of transportation in this area.



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