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Just come back from a walk with the dog in Chestnuts Park where a group of approx 10 men are enjoying an outdoor barbecue, clearing in flagrant disregard of the new rules on staying at home and away from others to halt the spread of Covid-19. When I asked if they were aware of the new rules, I was told to F*** off...

Any ideas on what to do if they're there again tomorrow (they regularly are)? Obviously not a reason to call 999? but the council? any other advice?

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I live close to there and one of my neighbours reported it to the police, apparently the police attended and they ran off.

Thanks very much for letting me know that. I wasn’t sure if it was serious enough to contact the police but if I see them doing the same thing again in the future, I will call the police. 

Words fail me — well, publishable words at least. Well done for confronting them.

A local ward councillor has passed on current advice that if this happens again to call 101 and to report the incident online. Where I live is in the background of this shot. I have no balcony or garden - Chestnuts is my garden. My neighbours seen here regularly have BBQs like this. I understand some people argue that calling the police on them is in some way against civil liberties. So I walk a tightrope in really understanding what the solution is. I write this with restraint when I really want to be angry because I do not want to lose access to this park. On Monday night after Boris made a speech a bonfire was lit in the park in the area tended by my Friends of the Park group. The police and fire brigade attended and put it out. 

The community as a whole needs support to be able to inform all members of this diverse community what the appropriate procedures are in these times. Is it enough that a sign is hung on the gates in English only? What solutions are there to communicate the use of the park for all? Are things happening with the stakeholders for all groups and if so how do I get hold of them to try and get material to help? 


Robert Pike. Cornwall Road Mutual Aid Group. 

In the last two days I've still seen people openly gobbing onto the pavement, disgusting at the best of times.

I was also in the park this afternoon, walking a few laps of the park with the family, WE were supprised that quite few people were in the playground. Also people on the exercise equipment. Seems to be some people seem to think the advice of distancing, and playground and exercise equipment dosent apply to them. Dose anyone know if the council will chain all the gates and play equipment up rather than just the 1 gate I noticed? 

Downhills Park have put a temporary fence around exercise machines and taped them.  I haven't checked Lordship Rec exercise equipment, but they have spray painted human figurines two metres apart and an arrow in the middle indicating a separation of two metres.  I don't know if the Lorship Hub Co-op did this or the council.  It might be worth doing something similar in Chestnuts Park.

Yeah, I also strongly advise to look out for spit on the ground.

Avoid treading on it  at all costs.

Only started to notice it more a few weeks ago for obvious reasons and the amount of spit u see on the pavement is disgusting....

All the gym bunnies are now using the park and seem to think gobbing on the flaw is an accepted norm. 

Urinating in the bushes is also a big problem. Your Tottie Tiddlers can't hold it till home. 



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