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Harringay, Haringey - So Good they Spelt it Twice!

Live lobsters have twice been found around our home, which is beside the new river. My neighbour found one whole (small) living blue one and a ‘spare’ claw, on the path to their door yesterday. Last year, I found the remains of one blocking a gutter.

I’ve heard that crayfish may live in the river, but lobsters? Or have they been taken from an ornamental pond? Gulls? The heron? B52’s promotional material? 

Any ideas?

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Hopefully an invasive species we can eat our way through...

Was it like this (Signal Crayfish)

Yes! But blue... and shorter claws

It is possible that it was actually a “white clawed crayfish” which is an endangered native species that has been decimated by the imported and invasive signal crayfish. Which is good news! Just not for the one we found...

Whoa is that a photo of one from the area? Crayfish are delish! 

I saw a gull swoop and pluck something out of the New River between Pemberton and Mattison early this morning and then fly off. Didn't see what it was, but it shows they do hunt there.

Oh wow, did you get any photos which you can post & help with the ID? Lobsters prefer a saltwater habitat.

I've got a license to fish for Signal Crayfish in the New River and have pulled some surprisingly big ones out over the last few years. I am pretty surprised how many there is along the ladder stretch as it's a relatively small and shallow waterway. They're incredibly hardy creatures and can walk for hundreds of metres so it's not surprising that they ended up in your yard if you're right on the river itself.

I've not seen any native white claw's as of yet sadly. There has always been a good amount of fish in there as well as signal crays, so much so that I saw some guys fishing for what I assume was Pike down by Hornsey overground station.

As the signal crays are in plague proportion perhaps you could apply for a free license and throw a net over your fence to do your bit to reduce their numbers. If you're game, they're pretty good eating. Just purge them overnight in a freshwater tank.

These came out of the Mattison to Pemberton stretch, they were huge! (They're red because I'd cooked them).



Holy mackerel. How did you get a license? I’d love to get my hands on a few of these. 

Paul and I got licences at pretty much the same time. It’s a straightforward application from the Dept of Environment if I remember rightly. 

Cool. I'll investigate. How do you go about setting traps in the new river if it's gated?

Paul's the expert, but if a part of the river is gated, you'd be entering, I assume, as a trespasser as far as the law is concerned. There's enough of it you can get to that's not gated.But I guess you run a small risk of your traps being stolen. 

What do you do, Paul?



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