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Live lobsters have twice been found around our home, which is beside the new river. My neighbour found one whole (small) living blue one and a ‘spare’ claw, on the path to their door yesterday. Last year, I found the remains of one blocking a gutter.

I’ve heard that crayfish may live in the river, but lobsters? Or have they been taken from an ornamental pond? Gulls? The heron? B52’s promotional material? 

Any ideas?

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I don't jump the fence. I lower a trap over a ladder bridge then walk the rope back to the gate and tie it off. Nobody has nicked one yet but you may remember one time my rope had a few people wondering if it was something sinister!

I tend to leave it in for 24 hours. Cat biscuits and/or bacon have worked well as bait.

How did they taste ?

Just like the ones in your crayfish and rocket sandwich but fresh. The claws are the best though, great on a white bread sandwich with thousand island dressing. Strangely all the crayfish you see in supermarkets or on sandwiches are imported from China or Thailand. With 1.386 billion people in China alone you have to wonder why we're importing something that's in plague proportions here. 

Great name for an indie band by the way

Amazed to learn this. Would love to get involved in trapping and eating some of these too. 

Quick question - from a quick bit of research, you need permission from the EA and the landowner. If that's the Harringay stretch of the New River, does that mean Haringey Council?

Thanks guys 

I am 99% sure its not Controlled by Council. Thames Water always did maintance

Out of interest, does anyone know what the water quality is like in the New River?

Always looks clear and clean. Does not get run offs into it from Drains

Still Runs through Reservoirs

Doubt if crayfish and other fish would survive if water quality was bad

Where it passes under my street (Warham) it supports a lot of waterfowl and what look like brown trout so fairly clean

Was literally just looking at some 'crab claws' in the New River from the bridge in Finsbury Park yesterday and wondering how that came about. Should have known HOL would have the answer.



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