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Is our food waste actually being turned into compost at the moment?  If Veolia is waiting for its new incinerator what happens to the food waste?  I think I saw ours being emptied into the general grey bin lorry last time.

If this has been discussed before here, apologies.

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According to an an answer I got from Cllr Chandwani on twitter today, all North London food and green waste is being taken to the composting facility in Uxbridge while the Edmonton site is being redeveloped.


Ha ha!  Thanks Katie.  Earlier I rang the North London Waste Authority, who told me it's going to various anaerobic digesters outside London, not being composted.

Anyway, whichever, something sensible is apparently being done with it, in theory anyway.

Thanks Martin. Hope so!

Sure I read that the Solids from Thames Water Sewage plant. Went into the Incinerator

Better than being dumped in rivers etc

Must Generate a fair bit with All those Wipes and Fat Burgers



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