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I was wondering if anyone else has had a visit from Mr (or Mrs) Fox lately?

With this hot weather my back door is always open, and I was just in the living room at the front of the house when I heard something much louder than a cat strolling into my kitchen - definitely claws clipping against the wooden floor, which wouldn't happen with a cat, right?
It freaked me out slightly. I've seen him or her in the garden before, but walking into my flat is a bit of a first.

Any close up and personals with our vulpine friends?

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I had one upstairs in my house a couple of years ago.

Here's all the foxy stuff on HoL - - forum - blogs - pictures - videos

Oh yes. We have to close the kitchen door in late afternoon if we're not in the room, as the foxes have a penchant for strolling in and stealing our shoes.
So they can do the Fox trot , presumably?
We have two fox cubs playing in the back yard most evenings. Sometimes one of them is around during the day and gets a bit too close to our back door so I always make a loud noise to scare it off. We've got a baby gate on the door to keep our baby in but I don't think it would stop a curious fox!
We've got a right noisy bunch behind our garden. They quite often wake us up in the night. I don't mind them too much though, as long as they stay out of our house!
We had a disappearing eggs incident recently which I'm inclined to blame on an open door and a visit from monsieur foxy.
I saw these sleeping foxes this morning in a neighbours garden in Malvern Road, the mini ladder-extension ;0), it's clearly warm enough for them to sleep out now! The moment the shutter went they were wide awake...
Great photo. Foxes also love playing in the middle of the night. Seen them playing football , well, mouthball ! :)
yes we have quite a large fox that comes into our garden at night and it doesn't seem put off by us banging on the window to scare it off! my partner thinks he's heard it scratching at the cat flap into the kitshen before so it sounds like it would like and invite indoors. when i see the fox i make an effort to scare it off as i thinks its not good if foxes learn than humans aren't frightening - that will only make them more and more tame and confident to venture indoors!



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