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Large Sylvanian Families collection for sale, including- cottage, caravan, classic car, sports car, trailer, canoe, nursery set, furniture and more- all with all the tiny accessories- and masses of animal figures.

Will split, prices from £15 to £1 depending what you want! Photos available on request.

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My daughter would be interested; can you send some pictures please?  She was given a set for her birthday and really likes it.  By the sound of it, you have a lot more than we would want to give her in one go, but we'd definitely be interested in something.

Sure, have sent you a connection request


I'd be interested. My daughters love Sylvanians. Are you around today (Friday)? I could pop round. 



yes I am! have sent you a connection request

Hello! Please could you send me some pictures of the cottage, caravan and nursery set? My little girl has just been given some figure so we’d be interested in having some sort of home for them. Thanks, Becky

sure Becky, have sent a connection request and then if you send me your number I will text some photos across 



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