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Found these permits in a drawer clearing out. They are permits without year dates on. Parking warden says they are still valid There are 5 full books (50 Permits) plus some uncomplete books approx 21 Permits. I can sell these separate or as a whole lot.

Pay by Paypal.

Permits will be sent First Class Signed For post. Add £1.95.

Sensible offers please.

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I seriously doubt whether permits dating from 1993 are still valid. Potential buyers might like to check with the Parking Office first.

I don't think the Ladder had parking permits back in 1993. This may be a copyright date, rather than a date of printing.

CPZs started in Haringey in 1994. The north of the Ladder got a CPZ as part of the Wood Green zone, as far south as Beresford, if I remember rightly. I think it was one of the first Haringey CPZs. The rest of the Ladder came some years later. The "Green Lanes" zone started in 2000. (See attachment, below.)

In the intervening years, parking was impossible on the roads close to the new CPZ because people simply parked in the nearest non-CPZ road to avoid paying the charge. 

GL CPZ 2006 Review.pdf

Malcolm, there have been a number of discussions on the site about visitor permit expiry. So people may feel wary. It might help if you could provide an image of the back of the sample ticket. Then, because it's Haringey Council traffic department,  it's still caveat emptor

Hi Hugh the reverse of parking permit has now been added to the original post

I was using these permits 3 years ago when i moved away from Harringay. Just thought these permits would be helpful for someone

Thanks, Malcolm. It’s intresting that nowhere is anything said about the expiry of the permit. I’ve tried to find out when (and why) expirable non-renewable permits were introduced but Haringey claim to keep no records of such things for more than six years. 

I’m sure the permits will be of use to someone. 

I don't see why there should be an expiry date. They have your money in the bank. If you don't use them everybody wins. I think the original reason for a CPZ was to stop out-of-towners parking all day near railway stations, etc.

You might not see the reason, John, but nonetheless permits now do expire and the Council seek not to refund or replace expiring permits. See the thread I’ve linked to above. 

Oh yes, I know. I imagine that the system priority is now to raise revenue, as opposed to parking management.

Suppose the reason is that if they have a limited life span there’s no point in buying as many as possible before a price increase.  Wish I done that with first class stamps



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