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Recent local meetings and the discussions over traffic in Harringay suggests that there's a deep interest in urban air quality. The season of free walks below came through my inbox just now. Although they're not local they do deal with an issue of real local interest. So I thought I'd quickly share. 

Take a deep breath - in fact take 8 breaths around Oxford in this intriguing walking tour investigating air quality through the ages. Oxford in 8 Breaths is a local student led initiative that seeks to engage the local community and local decision makers through a walking tour of Oxford that offers new insights to address the challenge of air pollution in our city.  

The tour, Oxford in 8 breaths, takes the walker on an imaginative and sensory journey starting in 10th Century Oxford, around the globe and up to the present day to explore this issue . This short tour lasts approximately one and half to two hours and culminates in an interactive discussion and focus on personal

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