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Found stolen wallet in green lanes and nearly got mugged myself

Just found a red patent wallet in green lanes on the pavement. There is only a card inside so I assume it has been thrown away by a mugger. Name on the card is miss A Bartaseviciute. Not quite sure what to do with the wallet but I guess I can give it to a police station. 

As soon as I found it, I tried to Google this person name on my phone, as last time I found a card I managed to find the owner. As I was doing that I nearly got muggedmyself by two youngsters driving a grey vespa who jumped on the pavement to snatch my phone. Luckily i pulled my hand just in time.

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Location & time Anton?

That’s terrible! Glad you held on to your phone. Was it during Day time as well?

It was near to midnight walking down from manor house towards Harringay on the bit of road next to the park. As there are no parked cars on the street in that area, it is easier for scooters to mount the pavement and mug people. 

Once I found a card on the pavement in Budapest, while being there some days...and "saved life" to one tourist from Scandinavia. Just go to FB and try to find this name, then message her, for example this girl ( she is definitely Lithuanian)


I took the wallet to HSBC yesterday and told them to get in contact with the owner of the card. She had probably already cancelled it, but at least she can get her wallet back.

I have also seen muggers mount the pavement on a Vespa at this location and go for phones. Be aware!



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