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I'm looking for two doors to match the ones I already have as am building a new room. Any for sale or know where I might find them cheaply?

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Hi Rita,

I've got a couple in my garage.  What size do you need?


Let me measure and get back to you Geoff. :-)
Geoff - 200 x 80. Let me know. Thanks :-)

Hi Rita,

It'll be the weekend - need to unearth them.


No worries Geoff.

Hi Rita,

You are out of luck I'm afraid.  Dimensions are:

1960 x 745 x 33mm

1960 x 745 x 26mm

1955 x 745 x 35mm

1910 x 685 x 32mm

1978 x 802 x 36mm  (close!)

1905 x 707 x 34mm glazed

Never mind!


May be ok as it's for extension rather than existing frame. Can I have a look? Cost?

You're welcome to take a look.  I'll put in a connection request and pm you know my mobile number once we've connected.

They cost me about £15 each to have stripped, happy for them to go to a good home for that.

Thanks Geoff.
Hi Geoff
Apologies. After looking into doors for what seems to be an inordinately long time I've decided not to go for panelled ones. I'm really sorry to have messed you around. Thank you for taking the time and trouble.



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