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I know there's lots of discussion about foxes on HoL but wondering if anyone can help me with my particular fox issue. The problem is that foxes keep leaving their "issues" on my decking. I thought it was a cat until my friend told me it was fox (don't know how she knows). The problem is I don't see the foxes (or indeed any cats) and I really don't want to have to keep on clearing up poo every day. I am quite fond of foxes but I'm really not fond of cleaning up poo. It's very tedious. Can anyone recommend a deterrent?

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A cat would not pooh on your deck....
Fox poo tends to be a bit more ermmm squitty! I have probs with both unfortunately!
There are a few options here.
Firstly, you need to find the fox's hole. Do you know how to do that??
ha ha! You can't help yourself can you :-)
Too tempting!
I am told that Lion poo is a good fox repellent but, as John says, a cat wouldnt poo on your deck.
If I could just hire a lion and get it to poo...

We have just started to use the water 'scarecrow' - sets of a jet of water in small fast squirts when sense movement/heat. So far so good. You'd have to be ok with having your deck watered - the idea is eventually the fox will just stay away because it knows it'll get sprayed otherwise.



hey foxperts!

Would a fox do a smelly wee on the doormat outside our back door? I keep smelling something funky and today I noticed a dark stain...  even as I'm typing this, I think I know the answer. Eww. How to deter this?

Foxes are a law unto themselves. Our cities are their playground, their new habitat. They love playing 5-a-side football although technically its not always 5-a-side. It maybe a little less.



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