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I know there's lots of discussion about foxes on HoL but wondering if anyone can help me with my particular fox issue. The problem is that foxes keep leaving their "issues" on my decking. I thought it was a cat until my friend told me it was fox (don't know how she knows). The problem is I don't see the foxes (or indeed any cats) and I really don't want to have to keep on clearing up poo every day. I am quite fond of foxes but I'm really not fond of cleaning up poo. It's very tedious. Can anyone recommend a deterrent?

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Claire, that's likely to be a cat, doormats are soft and absorbent. Just their cup of tea. Try generous amounts of pepper on it, that should help. But clean it first, if it smells of wee they'll come back again and again.
It doesn't smell like cat spray but there are plenty of potential offenders around so I wouldn't be surprised if that was the case. I might just have to toss it, its' one of those brown wiry ones (what is that stuff?) - Difficult to clean!

Cat wee and cat spray are two different things, so don't rule out a common moggy with a weak bladder just yet. Sorry.. :(


Yes, chucking the whole thing is probably best. I had a little poo on my mat a few years back. In the bin it went, and it's never happened again. Thank god.

I'd be very interested to know whether that water-spraying thing works, please.

I've got one of the Fox Watch thingies and it seems to have no effect, by the way.  Mind you there's a sett just the other side of my back fence.

Thank you.



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