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This pic taken, where Graham Road meets Langham Place, by Matthew Maran, made today's Guardian

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I hope that fox is ok?

Not quite normal for it to be seeping in such open space unless unwell..

I was slightly worried. But she looked quite sleek and healthy. It was -2 outside and quite early!

Don't give me that. Citires are not their land. They are opportunistic and took over our space bcause there was an abunance of food laid out for them, which they would have to strive harder to find in their natural enviuronment, which is the countryside.

Before all the flats/houses were built and become cities - this was THEIR land, their natural environment.

Before all the flats / houses were built we lived in caves. Is that what you want ?

"Before all the flats / houses were built we lived in caves. Is that what you want ?"

What a silly comment.

I was responding to Graham's silly comment about cities not being foxes land.

Probably forests are not being monkey's lands that is why they are being cut down all the time.

Etc etc.

It is humans who destroy everything and can not coexist in peace with other creatures

You think that humans in Singapore and Central America should try to co-exist with mosquitos ?

Anka, you do don't contradict perceived silliness by replying with silliness. You take on board the arguments being offered and respond rationally to them. You don't come up with some primeval fantasy view of a land populated only by cuddly foxes, suddenly laid waste by evil human monsters.

They are certainly very well adapted to cities, or they wouldn't be here.



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