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Hi there all

We have just moved into a property in Lausanne Road and were informed (before we moved in) that in the last couple of weeks there have been foxes coming into the property overnight.

I had not seen them until last night (midnight).  With all the lights off, I was watching the garden and saw at least 6 baby foxes and what looked to be 1 large parent (possibly mother fox).

They have been causing a right mess, knocking over all our pot plants, taken shoes and digging up our vegetable garden.  I have been very careful to not leave any food or rubbish outside but they still come into the yard.

I covered up all the holes in the fence however they are now coming over the top.  I tried the old chilli powder trick and that worked for a couple of days and now I am about to invest in one of these:


Has anyone else seen these foxes and worked out how to keep them out of the property?

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The kitten belonging to our neighbours two doors up has turned out to be a bit of a kleptomaniac. They found a soft toy Mickey Mouse on their rug last week.



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