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I overbought the tile trim for my new bathroom. Free to give away.

3 pieces - 3m, 1.5m, 0.8m

Details here: https://www.northantstools.co.uk/product/contract-metal-straight-ed...

photos attached including as it looks installed. 

Collection from the middle of the Ladder. 

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Nice tiles! I really like that shade of blue... Do you mind if I ask you where you bought them from? 

Thanks! Took a while to find that shade. Topps Tiles in Seven Sisters. Attingham Earth Lagoon it was called. 


Rob. That would be great for a bathroom project I have on the go. I can pick up later today. Will message you. 

Good stuff. I'll get it down from the loft. Have sent you my number so give me a text when you would like to come and grab it.



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