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FREE Adult Education courses at CoNEL

The College of North-East London, in Tottenham and Enfield, has a spectacular range of day and evening short courses for adults - all free. Like Adult Ed used to be, study what you fancy and no exams. Many begin next week. They don't seem to be advertising widely. I did some last term - video editing, Spanish, and Engineering for beginners! They do loads, from basic skills to hairdressing to forklift truck driving to airline cabin skills to childcare to plumbing etc. Please sign up and /or pass on the info, I guess it's use it or lose it. https://www.conel.ac.uk/for-learners/professional-courses.html

The Tottnm base is five minutes' walk from Seven Sisters tube or 8mins from the SoTo Overground (if it is running). Lots of buses too.  Enfield is more for the engineering etc courses, 279 bus and others.

Please share, I've been asking for this for years, proper Adult Ed just for the love of it, no need to do a qualification.  Some are geared to vocations/future employment.  Enrolment sessions were chaotic last time but hopefully they will be better spread out now. Just don't be put off.

I really need to hear what the trolley dolly course involves....

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Should contact tom at Haringey football club about that.  Could advise it at the ground (Coles park) he could even say it over the tannoy at half time.    Tom would do anything for our community. He's only been here 10 years but he loves her so much.  Anything that helps Haringey rise he's there.    Haringey borough fc is a wonderful resource not utilized enough in my opinion but I'm working on it.     Oh. still top of the league.  Up the borough.       

Oh. Sandwich board at Haringey borough fc car park car on car boot days. Fog horn. (Not too loud) pirate radio. Bingo. holy houses.  Hrs (Haringey recovery services.   Conel should be targeting these markets. 

Thanks for posting this! I just signed up for an Italian class.



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