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Hello - I've just had a clear out and I've sorted out a pile of books in great condition which would be great for a 5-8 year old stuck at home. Also lots of printine stuffed toys. Great for a child now stuck at home so I did not want to bin them! Lots of famous titles - probably about 30 or 40 books

Free for collection on Haringey Ladder. If you are worried about Corona - just need to quarantine them for a couple of days or wipe down with anti-bac ! (none of our house have had it.. so far fingers crossed).

Just email me if interested and I can leave them out for you!

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Hey there how wonderful - I am interested in stuff for boy of 3 and upwards - do u have any more details/ pics ? 
am on the ladder too so pick up easy 

best lulu 

Here are a couple of photos


Hi - we're always looking for books for my 5 year old, so if there were a few going spare that would be great. From that picture, the Angelina Ballerina and Katie Morag would be popular!

If you private message me (not sure how?!) I can give you details for pick up. They were my daughters I can pick out the more girly books for you. 



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